An executive’s guide to high-value collaboration

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Misunderstanding collaboration is costing you

Collaboration is work’s hottest buzzword…everyone is focused on optimizing collaboration, boosting collaboration, or creating opportunities for more collaboration. There’s nothing wrong with that—as long as you’re collaborating the right way. 

But many leaders don’t know the difference between collaboration and coordination—its less costly alternative.

That could have been an email

Synchronous, highly collaborative working sessions and meetings are useful ways to work—until they’re not. The reality is, sometimes that status meeting could have been more effectively communicated via email. Defaulting to collaboration (like a meeting) rather than thoughtful coordination (like an email) can cost your company time and money.

This playbook will help you design your organization for better, more efficient coordination and collaboration. You’ll learn:

  • The viral framework first developed by Carlos Valdes-Dapena at Mars—one of the largest privately-held companies in the world—that drove 33% growth within one of the company’s key business units and markets
  • When to use collaboration vs. coordination (and why that distinction matters)
  • The impact of too little and too much collaboration (and how to strike a balance)
  • Why it doesn’t always make sense to default to collaboration…and what to do instead
  • How the highest-performing companies use collaboration and coordination to maximize performance (including profitability and innovation), and how you can do the same 

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