The science behind executive goal setting

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Executive goal setting is changing

Goal setting is crucial to hitting your most important targets. But it’s not enough to simply set goals—you need to set the right goals. 

To understand how companies set goals, we studied executive leaders who often have an outsized impact on their organizations. The Work Innovation Lab, a think tank by Asana, partnered with Sharpist, a digital executive coaching and leadership training company, to study how these executives use goals. In this guide, learn: 

  • How the goals executives set differ from those of non-executives
  • How executives interact with their and their company’s goals, and the importance of sharing these goals with the team so everyone is aligned, company-wide
  • How executive goal setting is changing in the face of a changing workplace

Download the full report to learn how to set goals that will have the greatest impact on your leadership—and your company’s success.

See the full report

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