The science of high-performing leadership: Unleashing your potential in the AI era

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Leadership is at a pivotal point in time—balancing the demands of high performance while navigating the complexities of the AI era. The Work Innovation Lab by Asana, in collaboration with Greg Wells, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Wells Performance, embarked on a comprehensive study of 6,000 high-performing executives and leaders from the world’s top companies. What we discovered is a science-backed approach to leadership that goes beyond innate talent or working harder—it’s about working smarter.

Guarding attention, structuring work, and prioritizing mental fitness

Some leaders may think that multitasking or constant hustle is the key to success. But our research found that the secret to high performance lies in focusing on one task at a time, establishing clear structures, and maintaining mental fitness.

Harnessing the power of AI to supercharge leadership

In the era of AI, leadership potential is limitless. AI isn’t just a tool—it’s an ally in becoming a high-performing leader. It can help leaders block off distractions and align work with ultradian rhythms. But using AI isn’t about adding more tools to your tech stack—it’s about leveraging the right tools to enhance your leadership capabilities.

Dive into the science of high-performing leadership

Leadership is not a secret. It’s a science, backed by data and research. Dive into the full report to learn:

  • The data-backed strategies that can turn anyone into a high-performing leader
  • The daily challenges and stressors leaders are facing right now, and how top-performing leaders are addressing them
  • How leaders can harness the power of AI to supercharge their leadership

…and more.

By defending your focus, strategically protecting your time, and adopting the right mindset, you—with the power of AI—can unlock your potential and lead your team to success in an era of uncertainty and rapid change.

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