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Less chaos. More clarity. We believe teams can do remarkable work—when they actually get to work. The 60% of each day we spend on email, meetings, and status updates, that’s not it. It’s pushing boundaries, solving problems, making something real. For that, there’s Asana. We reduce the bottlenecks and busywork that wear teams down. And we give them clarity, so they know where they’re headed and how they’ll get there together. Because, then, teams are left with just one thing: time for the work that really matters.
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See how teams across the globe use Asana, and hear what they have to say.

Asana enabled us to reduce planning time by 66% and scale from 40 to 200 campaigns per quarter.

Badrul Farooqi — Project Manager

Asana’s flexibility and customization are the most powerful parts of it for our marketing organization.

Dawn Jensen — Senior Program Marketing Manager

The team is close to 20% more efficient overall by relying on Asana to keep their work organized and streamlined.

Kerry Hoffman — Senior Project Manager

There’s absolutely no way to keep track of the amount of work coming in and deliverables going out without Asana.

Andrew Chin — Creative Project Manager

Asana supports our cross-functional teams to be highly transparent and align quickly on topics across the organization.

Marius Knapp — Managing Editor

Managing editorial production in Asana helped us grow unique page views and organic sessions by 30%.

Erin Hanson — Managing Editor

With Asana, we save an estimated 50 hours per week that used to be spent answering email and attending check-in meetings.

Jamie Chappell — Creative Director

Asana has been instrumental in enabling our team to grow by 6X this year and successfully scale our processes.

Ryan Bonnici — Chief Marketing Officer

With Asana, we’re able to be strategic and proactive, rather than reactive, which has been critical.

Delijeh Snyder — Director of Brand and Content Marketing

Asana has been an absolute lifesaver for working across teams and times zones, and keeping all of our work organized.

Matt turzo — Chief Operating Officer

Asana makes it simpler for us to track deliverables and drive alignment across key priorities.

Rob Hoy — VP of Growth and Strategic Initiatives

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