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How to manage team communication online

When teams communicate effectively, they do better work. Asana's team communication tools lets you manage your team's work to communicate the right information at the right time.

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Get more than team communication software

Keeping everyone on the same page is a lot of work, especially if you use different tools to communicate. Without a communication plan, action items, information, and feedback get scattered, and no one's sure what's going on or what to work on.

Asana helps you meet deadlines and reach goals—by making sure everyone knows who's responsible for what, when tasks are due, and where work stands.

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Manage work in one place with Asana team communication software

Eliminate communication and information silos and avoid duplicating work across your team. Instead, use one team communication tool to manage projects, tasks, and files. Asana allows you to assign tasks, create planning templates, share project updates, and celebrate wins with your team—all in one place.

Create and share project plans across your team to show a clear path from start to finish

With Asana you can map out every step of your project plans, and give your team a clear path to make team collaboration simple. Create clear to-do lists, assign tasks, and update the status of projects related to your workflows.

Asana team communication software allows you to give feedback on projects and discuss ideas

Communicate with your team in Asana by discussing ideas, leaving comments, attaching files, and even linking to related projects—where your work lives. Give feedback on individual tasks, project phases, and more, all within one team communication tool.

Asana team communication software allows to create meeting agendas and share them with your team

Plan agendas, take notes, and organize it all in your project, so the entire team knows what to expect and leaves with clear next steps. Within Asana, your team can collaborate on meeting agendas, conversations, timelines, and progress related to your next big project.

Asanas team communication software allows you to share status updates and announcements

Reduce the noise and ensure your entire team gets information from a single source of truth. Asana enables your team to share status updates, announcements, project goals, and meeting agendas from one tool.

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Bring your team and communication tools together

Does your company use multiple project communication and management tools? Support all the different ways your team likes to communicate, and turn conversations into action by using Asana as your team communication tool.

Connect the tools you use every day, like Gmail, Google Drive, Salesforce, Zoom, Slack, and hundreds more. With Asana, it’s easy to connect projects, platforms, and tools so your team can focus on delivering impact.

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Teams trust Asana to help achieve their project communication goals

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We decided to give Asana a try. We were quickly able to eliminate the drudgery of sending update emails and reporting on progress in weekly meetings. Now, if I want to know what’s going on with a project or what the status of anything is, I just look at Asana and everything is instantly clear. Asana makes our process so much more efficient. It removes all the waste in communication.

Rian Hunter, Software Engineer, Dropbox

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