Eliminate unnecessary meetings and get back your time

rebecca hindsRebecca HindsOctober 26th, 2022
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Adopt a subtraction mindset and fix your meetings

Meetings are a huge time sink for organizations. Even with technology built to manage calendars and work more efficiently, meeting bloat has only gotten worse.

This playbook—jam-packed with research that’s been featured in publications like WIRED, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal—is an antidote. You’ll learn:

  • How to lead wide-scale meeting audits and resets (so you can have fewer, more meaningful meetings) 

  • How The Work Innovation Lab, a think tank by Asana, launched an experiment to create a “Meeting Doomsday,” which eliminated low-value meetings and improved all meetings—even for people who didn’t participate in the experiments 

  • How to use this research and perform your own “Meeting Doomsday” to reduce meeting bloat in your organization

Download the playbook, below, to use the same system in your organization, eliminate low-value meetings, and gain back time for the work that matters most.

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