An executive's guide to effective digital transformation: A research-backed playbook

rebecca hindsRebecca HindsOctober 26th, 2022
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More Collaborative Intelligence, less collaboration tools

The digital “needs” of the workplace have reached a frenzied pace. In an attempt to stay relevant, organizations are scrambling to adopt the latest technology. But adding to your tech stack is not enough to win, or often even compete, in your category. To make sure your organization hits its targets and stays ahead of competition, you’ll need a strategic digital transformation. 

The challenge? Over 70% of digital transformations fail. Featured in Harvard Business Review, this playbook—packed with the latest cutting-edge research by The Work Innovation Lab, a think tank by Asana, and research consortium Connected Commons—unlocks the recipe to launching an effective full-scale digital transformation.

Learn data-backed ways to: 

  • Streamline your tech stack in a way that builds collaboration

  • Go beyond collaboration tools and prioritize Collaborative Intelligence instead—the true life-blood of your team's most important work

  • Assess your current digital capabilities before launching a full digital transformation  (using the included checklist)

Use the playbook below to launch a full digital transformation and ensure your organization doesn’t get left behind.

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