How to find focus & flow in a distracted world

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How to find focus & flow in a distracted world

Is your team having trouble finding focus and flow? Around the world, people are spending 60% of their time on work about work (the same as pre-pandemic levels), while overwork and lack of clarity on tasks have contributed to 70% of knowledge workers experiencing burnout in 2020. Besides burnout, others are languishing, causing them to feel unmotivated and unable to focus at work.

With so much stress and distraction in our environments, how can we focus on what matters, show up as our best selves, and flourish at home and at work? Download our ebook to learn:

  • How Blavity founder Morgan DeBaun leads with empathy

  • Adam Grant’s tips on moving from languishing to flourishing and how to find flow as a team

  • Science-backed tips to improve focus from Dr. Sahar Yousef and Dr. Michael Gervais

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