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How to build an organizational strategy

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What is an organizational strategy?

While a clear and powerful mission provides direction, an organizational strategy is your roadmap to actually get there. It lays out exactly how you’ll achieve your mission, including the key initiatives, milestones, and long-term goals you’ll work toward along the way.

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Connect your business strategy to goals

Just defining your organization’s strategy isn’t quite enough—you also need to connect that strategy to goals. Goals are the building blocks of your business plan. They outline the key metrics you, your team, and your company need to achieve in order to gain a competitive advantage and successfully execute your strategy. In other words, goals turn your strategy into a concrete action plan—giving team members a clear understanding of what needs to be done, by when.

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Work together to achieve common goals

A clear strategic plan helps team members work together, not against each other. When you communicate how day-to-day work ladders up into overarching strategy, everyone—including individual contributors, middle managers, and your leadership team—knows why their work is important and how it fulfills specific business needs. With that clarity, teams can do their best work and make better, more strategic decisions.

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