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Increase your team’s efficiency by 45%

Teams report they get more done with less time and resources when using Asana Premium because its powerful features help them execute work successfully.

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And keep work on track with Asana Premium

Asana is a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Collaborative Work Management Tools, Q4 2022 report.

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Connect with the tools you rely on every day

Working in Slack, Zoom, Outlook, or another tool? No problem. Connect them with Asana to add important information to relevant projects and keep your work in one place.

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Have more questions about our Premium trial? We have answers.

How long is the free Asana Premium trial?
Your Premium trial will last for 30 days from the time you start it.
When will I be charged?
Once your 30-day free trial ends, your account will be charged based on the plan size and billing method you selected when you signed up for your trial.
How many teammates can participate in my trial?
You can add up to 100 team members to your trial. They will have full access to Asana Premium features during your trial period. If you need to add more than 100 members, please contact sales.
Can I cancel my trial?
You can cancel at any time during the 30-day trial period. If you cancel on or before your trial expiration date, your account will not be charged. You can cancel your plan directly in Asana.
How do I cancel my Asana subscription after my trial ends?
It's easy to cancel your subscription. To cancel a paid plan, log in to the Asana account you wish to cancel, click your profile photo from the right of the top bar, select Admin console, navigate to the Billing tab, and then select Cancel Plan. Only a billing owner of a paid account may cancel a paid plan. After canceling, when you reach your plan renewal date, you will then be able to continue to use Asana Basic. Read more about Asana payment & billing.
How does premium pricing work?
What other Asana plans are available?
For managing large initiatives and improving cross-team collaboration, learn more at Asana Business. For organizations that need additional security, control and support required by an enterprise, learn more at Asana Enterprise.

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