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Introducing Universal Reporting: See all your organization’s work from every angle

June 1st, 2021
2 min read
Introducing Universal Reporting: See all your organization’s work from every angle article banner image

Today’s senior leaders have a visibility problem.

Within your organization, you likely oversee many projects across many teams, balancing details and budgets competing for your attention. If you pause for a moment, do you know exactly the state of your organization’s work at any given time?

Most likely, the answer is “no.” If someone—another senior leader or your CEO—asks how a project is going, it sets off a chain reaction. You have to sift through emails, ping people, and search through spreadsheets to answer that simple question. And what about all the other times you don’t have visibility into work across your organization? Teams could be going over budget, burning out, or spending too much time on work that won’t achieve your company’s goals.

Although most organizations operate this way, it isn’t how the best organizations operate. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Universal Reporting—a single point of reference for keeping track of how work across your organization is progressing towards business critical goals. This new feature enables senior leaders to have real-time visibility and actionable insights on all projects in one place.

Get real-time information without manual effort

With Universal Reporting, you can have up-to-date dashboards across teams and projects—with information on workloads, budget, timing, and more—that don’t require manual updating or maintenance. Because the dashboards are connected to the work in Asana, they’re accurate and current so you don’t need to search or ask around for updates.

Product UI: Dashboard home

Unblock work with meaningful and actionable insights

Taking action once you uncover an important piece of information about how a project is moving or the status of a team’s workload can be a difficult next step.

Asana’s clear charts make it easy to understand and diagnose issues. Then, once you have a clear understanding, not only of what is happening but why it is happening, you can take action right in Asana. Simply click through to the underlying work and redirect or comment as needed.

Product UI: Dashboard

Streamline reporting with a single source of truth

When all of your organization’s work lives in Asana, reporting becomes straightforward and streamlined. Teams have the flexibility to create charts on any workstream they need to monitor. Between the chart template library and the builder where you can create custom charts, you can keep an eye on all types of cross-functional initiatives. Plus, dashboards allow you to pull together all the charts you need—across projects, teams, and departments—to monitor and report out on the entire organization. Universal Reporting provides a one-stop shop for all the information you need, whenever you need it.

Product UI: Addchart gallery

See work from every angle

When you can see work from all the angles you need to, it’s much easier to ensure the success of your company and teams. Rather than relying on endless check-in meetings or moving through every day with big unknowns, Universal Reporting makes the previously invisible visible.

With a clear picture of work progress, you can take meaningful actions and ensure your teams do the best work possible.

Starting today, Universal Reporting is available to Asana Premium, Business, and Enterprise customers. To learn more, chat with our sales team.

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