10, 9, 8, 7….Snaptask!

April 1st, 2014
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At Asana, we’re re-imagining team communication from the ground up. While some tasks take months to complete, some only take a day, and others need to get done instantly. Until today, there was no direct and simple way to indicate task urgency in Asana. So, during our recent Hackathon, we added a new feature to Asana: Snaptask.

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We believe the future of workplace communication is fast–really fast”
Dustin Moskovitz

We think your team will discover your own exciting ways to use this feature, but here are some suggestions:

  • Have a teammate who doesn’t work fast enough and you want them to feel a little pressure to get things done? Send a Snaptask.

  • Love Snapchat, but can’t use it at work? We feel the same way! Send a Snaptask.

  • Have a request for your teammate, but want zero accountability and no transparency to the rest of the organization? Send a Snaptask.

  • Have a top secret assignment that you want someone to complete, but in case it goes poorly you want all record of its existence tossed down the memory hole? Send a Snaptask.

  • Love Men in Black and always wanted a neuralyzer? Send a Snaptask.

  • Want to send a coworker a funny face? Send a Snaptask.


How to send a Snaptask

Type Tab+` to create your Snaptask. Enter a task name and description, and add an assignee–this person will get the task, but only for a few seconds. You can even attach an ephemeral image if you’d like (perfect for that funny face photo you wanted to send).

The assignee will receive the Snaptask in their My Tasks list and Inbox, but the task name and details will be hidden until your teammate clicks on the task. Once they do, they’ll have 10 seconds to view the task before it automatically disappears.

Your team will get things done, or forget they needed to get things done, faster than ever before.

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