Improve your sales productivity with Salesforce and Asana integration

July 12th, 2017
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Improve your sales productivity with Salesforce and Asana integration article banner image

Editor’s note: As of December 18 2017, the pre-formatted Salesforce and Asana integration by is no longer available. However, the custom Salesforce and Asana integration is now available to all Asana customers. To learn more, contact

Here at Asana we believe in the power of teams; it takes a coordinated effort between many teams to create a successful customer relationship. Whether you’re working on pre-sales support efforts, closing the deal, or helping with the implementation post-sale, you’re an integral part of the client experience.

But when multiple teams are involved, miscommunication and dropped balls are more likely to happen. Ad hoc requests for design work might get started but lost within a long email thread. Contract negotiations stall internally because legal is waiting on client details. Whatever the case, the disconnect results in deals being lost or customers churning.

This is why we are excited to announce a new streamlined integration between Asana and Salesforce, in official partnership with This integration will bridge the gap between account plans and actionable tactics so everyone knows what they need to do to help close deals and maintain customer relationships.

Vox Media utilizes an integration between Asana, Salesforce and Gmail, created by to minimize manual data entry and keep support and sales teams on the same page. Which means that the teams at Vox Media meet their goals of increased close rates, customer retention, and account growth. “[The integration] enables better cross-team collaboration, easier sharing of data in real time, increased integration stability, and transparency across the client lifecycle” says Katie Ritter, Director Account Services, Vox Media.

Whether your team is working in Salesforce or Asana, connecting these tools helps everyone:

  • Follow the steps required to successfully win a deal and manage customer relationships

  • Know who’s responsible for each activity to move a deal forward

  • Eliminate ad hoc requests or repetitive conversations between teams

How it works:

  • New Opportunities and Accounts added in Salesforce automatically create a project or task in Asana with a pre-set list of tasks or subtasks.

  • The Asana tasks can then be assigned to the teammate responsible for that activity so everyone knows who’s doing what by when.

  • Opportunity stage changes sync as progress updates in Asana so everyone can see how the deal is progressing.

  • Tasks completed in Asana update the opportunity owner in Salesforce, and information updated in Salesforce appears in the related Asana task or project.

  • Salesforce and Asana sync in real-time so everyone has the most up-to-date information in both tools.

An easier way to collaborate

We hope connecting Asana to Salesforce helps make your account plans actionable so collaboration between teams is easier—and you close more deals.

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