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Asana: upgraded for iOS 8, built for teamwork

September 17th, 2014
2 min read
Asana: upgraded for iOS 8, built for teamwork

In July, we introduced you to the brand new Asana app on iOS–one of our most exciting product updates. Today, we released another update: Asana for iOS 8, which includes several improvements and supports some of the new, highly-anticipated iOS 8 features.

When you update your iPhone to iOS 8 today or unbox your new iPhone 6 on Friday, update your Asana app at the same time. If you are downloading Asana for iOS for the first time, or just need some help getting up to speed with the app, be sure to check out our guide.

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Select Share Extension, Create task via Share Extension, Today Extension

New for iOS 8

We took advantage of Apple’s new App Extensions, which enable deeper integration between apps and iOS 8, to make it easier to get your work into Asana and know what’s most important.

Create Asana tasks from other apps

When you’re browsing the web on Safari, flipping through photos, or using other apps, use our Share Extension to turn that content into an Asana task. This works in the same way you would send a photo or a link email, Twitter, or SMS, and makes getting information into Asana — where you can prioritize, share, or assign it — really fast.

See Today’s tasks in your Notification Center

The Today section of the iOS Notification Center now pulls in the tasks you’ve marked for Today in Asana, so you can quickly see your most urgent tasks, without loading the app. From there, you can tap to jump directly to the task in Asana. Seeing work marked for Today alongside your calendar, weather, and updates from your other favorite apps, is a great way to plan for the day ahead.

A truly mobile-first experience 

We want you to have a great Asana experience, whether you’re using Asana on your desktop or your mobile device. So we’ve made a number of additional improvements to help you communicate with your team and get more done, regardless of where you’re working.

More ways to invite your team

We’ve added new user invitations throughout the app so when you’re creating, assigning, or adding followers to a task, you can add any teammate’s email address, and we’ll invite them to join you in Asana.

Easy task deletion from within the app

We’ve received a lot of requests to make deleting tasks from the app easier, so we made sure to build this feature. You can delete tasks by tapping the trash can icon in the task details menu (the “…” in the top right corner of any task).

A fresh mobile setup experience

We’ve added a beautiful and simple walkthrough of the app for new users. If you’re inviting or sharing Asana with new teammates or colleagues, it just got a lot easier for them to get started and dig in.

What’s next: Android and more

We’re building Asana as a multi-platform company that transforms teamwork across functions and industries and we now have two dedicated mobile teams — Android and iOS–to help us fully realize this vision. The Android team is continuing to build our completely redesigned app and we can’t wait to share it with you in the coming months. if you’d like to receive email updates about our progress, sign up for our newsletter.

As you break in iOS 8 and use the Asana app with your team, we’d love to know what you think and what features you’d love to see. Please share suggestions in the comments.

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