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Your Dropbox files in Asana

November 15th, 2012
1 min read
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Occasionally, two products work so well with each other that bringing them together seems inevitable – a pairing so natural that it was only a matter of time.

Today, we’re happy to bring Dropbox integration to Asana. Available now, when you go to attach a file to a task in Asana, you’ll see the new option to “Attach from Dropbox”. This option gives you one-click access to your entire library of Dropbox files, where you can browse and choose the file you want to attach.

In the last couple of weeks, we enabled the Dropbox integration for a few teams that use both products – including Dropbox, themselves. Here are some of the ways it improved the way they work:

  • Asana gives context and priority to work on your Dropbox files. As Tyler Ginter of high-end film production company, Variable, told us: “We’ve found Dropbox to be the best way to share and organize our thousands of production files. We’ve always wanted the ability to assign, comment on and prioritize them. Now, we can do just that.”

  • You can manage your files from a single location. Christopher Rising, president of Rising Realty Partners, a fast-growing commercial real estate brokerage in LA, loved this: “Now that we can attach Dropbox files to tasks in Asana, every file can live in one place. Our workflow is just that much smoother.”

  • Your attached files are always up to date. When you update a file in Dropbox, you don’t need to add the new link to Asana – it automatically links to the updated version. Dropbox’s Ilya Fushman (a passionate Asana user, himself) said: “Thanks to this integration, we can attach files from anywhere without leaving Asana. We’re finally able to keep track of every file associated with any of our tasks.”

Your Dropbox files in Asana

When we ask Asana customers what they use to share and sync files, they overwhelmingly tell us Dropbox. So, when Dropbox offered us the early opportunity to integrate the new Dropbox Chooser, we jumped at the chance to bring this to every team using Asana. The simplicity of attaching Dropbox files to tasks in Asana will accelerate the workflow of the many teams whose day-to-day work requires collaborating on files.

We hope you enjoy using it.

To learn more about integrating the new Dropbox Chooser with your web apps, check out the Dropbox developer blog. To stay on top of Asana news, tips and best practices, you should follow us on Twitter.

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