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An update on performance: Asana is now 2x faster

August 29th, 2017
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An update on performance: Asana is now 2x faster

Your time is valuable and every second, especially at work, counts. When we started Asana, we wanted to enable teams to do more together, faster. We’ve heard feedback from many of you, though, that Asana has been slow. And as we’ve expanded to larger and larger teams across the globe, it became apparent that we needed to update our infrastructure to deliver the most benefit to our customers.

In working on performance issues, we discovered that simple fixes like caching improvements wouldn’t be enough to solve them. We determined that the long-term solution would be to incrementally rewrite our entire infrastructure. So over a year ago, we embarked on our largest engineering project ever.

Today, we’re excited to share the results to date of this ongoing effort: The most common actions in Asana are 2x faster, and we hope you’ve started to notice these improvements.

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We rely on Asana to run our business, and we’re excited that they’ve delivered on their promise of improving the app’s performance. Asana feels twice as fast for our team.”
Tyler Palmer, COO of Patreon

Loading Asana is 1.5x faster

To help you get to work faster, we prioritized improving the time it takes you to access Asana. The time it takes for you to load Asana—whether you’re coming to the app from an email link or logging in to start your day—has improved gradually over the last year, so you can quickly access your work.

Fast page load graph Asana

Switching between tasks is 4x faster

Millions of times a day, customers like you are navigating between tasks or subtasks in Asana. This is now 4x faster and it happens in less than one second, 95% of the time.

Asana is faster

Switching between projects is 2.5x faster

Accessing different projects quickly is important to many workflows—whether you’re clicking on the sidebar, search, or any other link to a project. Navigating between different projects is now 2.5x faster and happens in less than one second, 95% of the time.

Asana performance

The actions people take most frequently in Asana, including switching between projects, tasks, and loading Asana are now handled by our new framework, Luna2. In addition, selecting multiple tasks, @mentioning, and searching are faster. We’re also actively transitioning the remaining actions that are still in our old framework, like sorted project views. Moving forward, all new features will be built in this new, faster framework.

Thanks to you, our customers

Choosing to rewrite our infrastructure was a long-term decision and investment as ever-larger teams, departments, and companies across the world rely on Asana to track and manage their work. Along this journey we learned lessons, hit roadblocks, and made major breakthroughs. We appreciate your patience along the way, and hope you’ve felt these improvements in your day-to-day work.

We know there’s no finish line when it comes to speed, so we’re committed to staffing a dedicated team to work on improving performance.

*Learn more about our technical journey.

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