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Announcing Asana for iOS 11

September 12th, 2017
2 min read
Announcing Asana for iOS 11

Whether you’re traveling for business, working the floor of a retail store, or en route to your desk job, it can be tough to stay in sync with your team when you’re on the go. With Apple’s upcoming release of iOS 11, we’re making some major improvements to our iOS apps so it’s easier for you to track your work from anywhere—on the device of your choice.

With Apple’s advancements for the iPad, we’re releasing an entirely new iPad app that makes the most of the large screen to let you navigate your task list and Inbox with ease. And with a bunch of new features for our iPhone and iPad apps, we’re making it even easier to check in on progress, send updates, and capture to-dos, without having to be at a computer.

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Asana’s new mobile app is fast, smooth, and intuitive. It has as much functionality as the desktop version so I’m now able to use Asana entirely on the go.”
Frank Yang, CEO of Simple Human

Keep work moving forward with Asana on iPad

Built for getting work done

It’s now easier to quickly scan tasks, check in on your team’s progress, and chime in with comments or attach relevant files to help move your work along. When you select a task from your Inbox, My Tasks, or a project, you’ll see the task details pane on the right side of your screen, just like in our web app. You can quickly scroll through your to-do’s and easily take the action you need.

Asana iPad app

Drag and drop photos (and soon, files) into Asana

With iOS 11, you can split your screen to use Asana side-by-side with other apps like Google Docs or Dropbox. Whether your run your social media calendar in Asana or track your product development roadmap, you can quickly add a photo to a specific task for your team to action. Simply drag and drop images from other apps into Asana so the product diagram you drew on your whiteboard stays with the relevant task. And in the next release, you’ll be able to to drag files into Asana, too.

New features for both iPhone and iPad

User profiles

As more people at your company start collaborating in Asana, you may not be familiar with all the names and faces you see on tasks. With user profiles, people can share details like working hours, title, department, and how they prefer to be contacted. Just tap on any teammate’s photo or initials to navigate to their profile.

Import files

Ever receive a request to access or share a file, like tomorrow’s blog post or a client presentation, from your teammates when you’re on the go? Now you can attach files from file sharing providers like iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and any other app directly to your Asana tasks right from your mobile device.

Improved VoiceOver support

We want all teams to be successful in Asana. To help make this possible, we’ve leveraged Apple’s VoiceOver functionality to make Asana more accessible to people who are visually impaired. Visual elements in the app now have a description and accessibility hints have been added so you also know what action to take.

Give feedback with likes

Show your support or acknowledgment without typing a thing. Now you can like tasks, comments, conversations, status updates, and more to quickly provide feedback to your team.

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When I’m running between meetings, I love to use the mobile app to check in on what the teams working on and ‘like’ the things that my team is doing really well!”
Ryan Bonicci, Senior Director, Global Marketing, Hubspot

Mobile calendar, coming soon!

We’ve heard your requests, and drum roll please… Calendar View on mobile will be available next month! Stay tuned for the official announcement.

Working on the go just got better

We hope these new features and improvements to Asana for iPad and iPhone make it easier for you and your team to keep moving work forward, no matter where you are. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, now is the time. Head to the Apple App Store to get the latest version of Asana today.

Editor’s note: These updates to the Asana mobile app are available when you download iOS 11 and update Asana on your device.

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