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This IS the Android app you’ve been looking for…

January 20th, 2015
1 min read
This IS the Android app you’ve been looking for…

The Android app you’ve been asking for is here! We’re celebrating, and we hope you are too because we think you’ll love it.

Before you read more, we invite you to go to Google Play and try it out.

The app is beautiful, intuitive, and fast. You can move your work forward, keep in touch with your team, and get the information you need, right from your Android device.

Built for Android

We spent time carefully creating this app just for Android — it was important to get this right. We made sure the gestures, layout, navigation, and overall look-and-feel were simple and familiar to Android users by incorporating Google’s new Material Design language. We also got a lot of help from a group of dedicated Android beta testers who provided invaluable feedback along the way (thanks!).

Here are some highlights from the new app:

Keep the conversations & productivity flowing

It can be hard to know what’s happening with your team when you’re away from your desk. We’ve made this simpler, so your teammates won’t be slowed down when you’re on mobile, and you won’t have to head back into the office to update your team.

Asana Android Notifications
quotation mark
I like to write things down, and Asana allows myself and my team to work effectively, and in organized way: laying out meetings, structuring projects, organizing my to-do lists, etc. The Asana app gives me the flexibility to do this on the go and makes my days more fluid: it helps me be forever in the loop.”
Eduardo Medina, Senior Course Manager, Udacity

Quickly add tasks from wherever you are

Some of the best ideas pop up when you aren’t at your desk — while jogging before work, between meetings, watching a movie (Star Warsperhaps), or right as you are running out the door to meet up with friends. The app makes it easy to jot down those ideas, so you can return to them at a better time.

Asana Android New Task

Get the information you need quickly

Asana becomes your ‘team brain’ — it holds the context, decisions, due dates, and conversations you need to complete projects, hit deadlines, and achieve goals. When you need to remember, discuss, or share information, you can rely on Asana.

Asana Android Projects
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We use Asana every day on the New Relic Marketing team; having easy access to information through the new Android mobile app helps me keep up with all our projects wherever I am: on the bus, at home, or in a meeting.”
Tommy Lloyd-Davis, Customer Lifecycle Marketing Manager, New Relic

For more details on how to use the app, check out the Android Basics article on the Guide.

Next up…

Today is an exciting day that marks major progress for Asana. In five months, we’ve launched Android, iOS 7, and iOS 8 apps, but this is just the beginning. We plan to rapidly release  improvements to both Android and iOS. AND, we are also working on major design updates to our other platforms. You’ll hear (and see) more about these in the coming months. We hope these updates make it easier for you and your team to work together more easily.

Please tell us what you think in the comments, we love your feedback.

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