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Bridging art and business: Meet the Comms Design team at Asana

May 25th, 2017
3 min read
Bridging art and business: Meet the Comms Design team at Asana article banner image

Behind every illustration, photo, webpage, illustration, and video that Asana puts into the world is a team of talented designers, illustrators, and animators.

That team is the Asana Communications Design team and this summer, they’re participating in the Designer Fund Bridge program, a professional development program for experienced designers. Accepted Bridge applicants get hands-on experience as a member of world-class design teams at companies like Asana, Dropbox, and Medium, as well as access to weekly talks and workshops about the latest creative process and tools used across the best in the industry. Both designers looking for new job opportunities and designers who want to grow as leaders at their current company can apply to join Bridge.

To help you get to know the Communications Design team at Asana and what they work on, we asked each member to share a recent project they worked on and a few things about themselves.

Nick Slater

Nick Slater joined Asana six months ago and works on a variety of illustration projects. In his free time, he enjoys drawing, painting, and going to corgi related events. (Check out Nick’s dog on Instagram @thorgithecorgi.) The Asana brand attribute that best describes him is approachable, but he’s quirky on Fridays. Here’s Nick, in his own words:

“Being surrounded by talented and kind teammates at Asana has allowed me to grow in an environment that pushes me to be a better designer and person. My growth is the reflection of those who inspire me and is a catalyst for who I am as a designer. I believe you can only do your best work when you work with others who deeply care about you and your team.”

Asana illustration

I designed this print for our candidate offer gift boxes. It’s celebratory, colorful, and shows off a ton of our culture to potential new hires.

For more of Nick’s work, check out his dribbble and Instagram.

Alex Estrada

Alex Estrada works on product marketing, illustrations, and web design. She has been on the team for a year and a half. When she’s not designing office event posters, swag, or in-product modals, Alex likes making ceramics, traveling, hiking, exploring, and eating. The Asana brand attribute that Alex embodies best is empowering: she’s always finding fun ways to bring her team together and co-leads Gradient, the Asana employee resource group for people of color. On why she likes working at Asana, Alex says:

“I enjoy working at Asana because everyone has a seat at the table. You can drive projects and partner with different teams, and your voice is always valued. Everyone is incredibly supportive and talented. We push and learn from each other—it feels a lot like family!”

Product mockups Asana

To see what inspires Alex and more of her work, visit her dribbble and Instagram.

Zach Miller

Zach joined the team nearly a year and a half ago and works on making our web properties beautiful and usable. In his free time, he likes synthesizers, cats, photography, and cat photography. The Asana brand attribute that best describes Zach is empowering. He empowers his teammates by giving constructive feedback and helping others out whenever possible. Here’s Zach on his teammates:

“I’m both humbled and inspired by my teammates at Asana. In addition to weekly critiques, we post up all of our recent work every six weeks to see how it all ties together. The amount of goodness on display blows my mind every time.”

Asana website

For more of his work (and cat photography) you can follow Zach on Instagram and dribbble.

Amanda Buzard

Amanda Buzard, or “Buzz” to her teammates, leads the Communications Design team. She’s been an Asana for two and a half years. Her hobbies include traveling, cooking, making pottery, photography, and eating. The Asana brand attribute that best matches her is purposeful.

“Our team feels like a big family. We have fun, care about each other, and have each others’ backs. We give thoughtful feedback that challenges other designers to push themselves creatively and grow personally.”

Asana design team
San Francisco beach

I’m a people lead, so my favorite contributions center around our team’s collective successes and strong culture. I’m proud of how we’ve strengthened connections with our teammates through activities like a visit to SFMOMA and creating art without attachment (in sand!) at Baker Beach.

See some of Buzz’s designs, pottery, and travels on Instagram and dribbble.

Anna Hurley

Anna Hurley joined Asana almost two years ago as an illustrator for our Communications Design team. The Asana brand attribute that best describes her is quirky.

Here’s what she had to say about her favorite project:

“We created posters to promote and celebrate the launch of the Asana Community. It was so much fun to illustrate a group of people working and interacting together as part of a larger community.”

Asana community posters

You can see what else Anna’s been working on on Instagram or dribbble.

Greg Elzerman

Greg Elzerman joined Asana a year and a half ago as an animator and motion graphics designer. In his free time, Greg hangs out with his kids and enjoys cycling and beer making (and drinking). The Asana brand attribute that best describes him is purposeful.

Greg wanted to show off a video he worked on recently. In his words, “it’s always super fun to make product launch videos!”

Asana animations
Asana projects
Asana project

Interested in working with the team? We’d love to hear from you. Apply to Bridge or visit our jobs page to see open positions.

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