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Asana delivers AI to companies of every size and robust enterprise offerings with new product tiers

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November 3rd, 2023
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Asana delivers AI to companies of every size and robust enterprise offerings with new product tiers

Asana serves organizations globally, from small businesses to large enterprises. How we work is changing fast, and we’re excited to help organizations around the world work smarter. Asana is announcing new product tiers today, empowering organizations with powerful AI offerings at every paid tier, and flexible Enterprise tiers tailored to the needs of large organizations. 

Asana’s updated product tiers rolling out to new customers throughout November will include: 

Asana launches new enterprise tiers

Asana is addressing current and future customer needs with:

Asana AI in every paid product tier

  • Smart fields - Organize projects to support cross-functional collaboration with auto-generated custom fields

  • Smart summaries - Get action items and highlights from conversations, tasks, and comments without another meeting

  • Smart editor - Write clearer, more compelling responses that strike the right tone

  • Smart status - Create comprehensive status updates faster

  • Smart answers - Get timely answers and insights about projects, identify blockers, and determine next steps

Flexible Enterprise product tiers built for large organizations’ needs

  • New Enterprise tier for companies that need to coordinate and automate complex work across departments, without limits.

  • New Enterprise+ tier for companies that need precise controls for compliance requirements and premium level support.

Purpose-built product tiers for companies of any size

  • Personal product tier available up to 10 users.

  • Starter and Advanced product tiers available up to 500 users.

  • Enterprise and Enterprise+ product tiers available for unlimited number of users.

Existing customers will have the option to either transition to new plans or stay on their existing plans until 2025. Customers will be notified at least 45 days before updates take effect, and we will provide further guidance to help navigate the changes.

Customer success is the #1 priority for Asana. We’ll work with you directly to find the right solution for your company's unique needs. Asana customers do not need to take any action today, but our team can be reached here with any questions.


How do the old plans map to the new plans?

Basic -> Personal

Premium -> Starter

Business -> Advanced

Enterprise -> Enterprise, Enterprise+

I am already an Asana customer. What is changing for me?

If you signed up for a paid Asana account prior to November 8, 2023 you will have the option to stay on your current plan until 2025 or transition to a new plan. Any existing customer who elects to adjust their plan will automatically be placed into the new version of that plan. Beginning in 2025, all existing customers will be moved onto the new plans. We will notify customers at least 45 days before updates take effect, and we will provide further guidance to help navigate the changes. 

I am considering signing up for Asana. Can I sign up for the old plans?

No. Our new plans are designed to meet the diverse and changing needs of our customers and so we will require all new customers to sign up for one of the new plans.

How will billing for AI work?

We believe AI is changing how we work and so we are excited to offer AI capabilities to all customers on a paid Asana plan at no additional cost. Please note that some AI capabilities will only be offered in new tiers (i.e. Smart answers and Smart status).

Customers will receive a monthly allotment of AI actions based on their plan:

  • Premium / Starter: 150

  • Business / Advanced: 1500

  • Enterprise / Enterprise+: Unlimited

For the time being, these limits will not be enforced to give Asana’s customers the opportunity to fully benefit from our best-in-class AI capabilities. To ensure fair usage across our customers, however, we may impose rate limits in cases of significant overuse.

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