Bonjour! Hallo! Asana is now available in French and German

November 1st, 2017
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As more and more companies across the globe manage their work in Asana, we want teams to work the way that’s most comfortable and productive to them. Teams and individuals in 192 countries are using Asana (45 percent of our paying customers come from outside the U.S.), and we’ve heard from you how important it is to work in your native language.

So today, we’re excited to roll out the entire Asana experience in new languages, starting with French and German! Spanish and Portuguese are coming early next year.

Collaborating across the globe

We’re excited about working to make Asana easier to use for teams all over the world. Every day, our customers inspire us, including our wonderful French and German customers.

Based in France, The Food Assembly brings together communities throughout Europe to buy fresh food directly from local farmers and foodmakers.

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As a product manager, I have to keep things organized and Asana helps a lot. Though the real challenge with any tool is getting the rest of the team to use it. Asana was frictionless—it was easy for everyone to quickly understand and get on board.”
Clément Chapalain, Product Manager, The Food Assembly

The Cadeau Maestro team in France uses Asana to build their e-commerce site, plan their magazine, and connect their office with their retail store and warehouse.

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Asana really helped our team to improve its working process—we are now more efficient and more organized. Whatever your company size, Asana is made for you.”
Nicolas Graillon, Web Marketing Manager, Cadeau Maestro

FOND OF, a German manufacturer of sustainable and ergonomic backpacks, with brands such as ergobag, satch, AEVOR and pinqponq, delivers the highest quality product to their customers and an amazing experience for their employees.

Asana now available in French and German

How to change your language in Asana

We’ve updated the customer experience to be more friendly to teams everywhere. In-product, we’ve localized date and times, enhanced our support for names, and added the ability to pay via invoice. Additionally, we’ve expanded our office in Dublin to support local teams, including adding multi-language sales and customer support, and updated our Guide and website to assist French and German speaking customers.

Change your language:

  • Select your profile photo in the top right corner of Asana

  • Select My Profile Settings

  • Select Display

  • Choose your language

How to change your language in Asana

More languages coming soon!

Expanding our Dublin office, celebrating with our London customers, and announcing Asana’s availability in French and German is just the beginning. We look forward to announcing support for more languages early next year.

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