Media templates

Coordinating every detail of your media company is a balancing act. With custom-designed templates, you can automate, delegate, and organize every task.

I can just go in and edit a template in five seconds, and it easily carries over to every project that’s cloned moving forward.”

Corri Skinner

Executive Director, Client Success, Vox Media

Quickly sync updates

As processes change, your templates can easily change with them. Keep stakeholders and partners in the loop by updating your templates with key details, any time they shift.

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Better communication starts with less

Switching between fewer apps actually gives you more time for focused work. With Asana’s 260+ app integrations, you can keep the tools you love in one, central space.

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Simpler is better

Juggling the many tasks of a media company is a challenge. With Asana, you can streamline your work into manageable, templatized processes. Simplify your workflows for more coordinated and impactful work.


Media templates

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Strategi pemasaran

Templat strategi pemasaran adalah alat berguna yang membantu tim pemasaran mencapai golnya. Pelajari cara membuat strategi pemasaran Anda dengan Asana.

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