Admin console

Manage settings for your entire organization, in one place.

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Admin console in Asana
Enhance security icon

Enhance security

Add extra layers of protection so only the right people can log in.

Safeguard data icon

Safeguard data

Control who can access your organization's data.

Manage users icon

Manage users

View, add, and remove members in one central hub.

Secure your workspace icon

Secure your workspace

  • Log in safely: Turn on Google SSO and SAML authentication so users can securely access Asana without a password.

  • Reinforce your security: Add two-factor authentication to require a secondary form of verification.

  • Cap session duration: Choose how long users can stay logged in before they need to sign in again.

  • Strengthen passwords: Set length and character requirements to make logins more secure.

Protect your information icon

Protect your information

  • Control sharing: Specify what people can share outside your organization. 

  • Preserve privacy: Choose how users can pull information for dashboards and reporting. 

  • Set boundaries: Select which integrations people can use, what file types they can attach to tasks, and more.

  • Safeguard data on mobile: Control what users can download, screenshot, and copy-paste on the mobile app.

Manage users and edit your plan icon

Manage users and edit your plan

  • See everyone: Search a database of every user and team in your organization.

  • Add and remove accounts: Manage how many people are on your plan, and see deactivated accounts. 

  • Monitor usage: See a snapshot of how people are using Asana, including engagement with the tool over time.

  • Manage billing: Update payment information, change your plan, and more.

Put it all together

Get a pulse on your organization with these features. Pair them with admin console to understand how your team works, in real time.

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Still have questions? We have answers.

How does Asana keep my data safe?

Asana covers essential needs including data security, reliability at scale, compliance with global, regional, and industry regulations, and more. Learn more about security at Asana.

Which Asana plans include the admin console?

Admin console is available for all Premium, Business, and Enterprise customers. Learn about pricing, or try Asana Business for free for 30 days, no credit card required.

Who can access the admin console?

In Asana there are a few types of admin roles, which can access different parts of the console: 

  • Admins can access user and team management features in the console, as well as security settings for individual users.

  • Super admins can access everything, including security features for the entire organization.

  • Billing owners can only access billing features and view resources like tutorials and help articles.

How can I manage members of my organization in the admin console?

The admin console lets you view, search, and sort every member of your organization in one place. You can also: 

  • Add new members to your organization. 

  • Deactivate members, or restore users who were deactivated in the past. 

  • See the number of members, guests, pending invites, and available seats. 

  • Export membership data to a CSV.

Scale with confidence

No matter how big your organization is, admin console lets you stay in control.

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