Asana vs. Basecamp

Go beyond managing day-to-day tasks and run your entire business on Asana.

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Keep strategic work moving forward and track project progress

Basecamp is designed for day-to-day tasks. With Asana, you get the power you need to organize, manage, and report on all of your strategic projects—from start to finish.

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Asana Boards

Map out each piece of work in a list, organize all of the details in one place, and manage projects from start to finish.

Asana List

Organize your work like sticky notes on a Board that you can move through multiple stages quickly, easily, and beautifully.

Asana Timeline

See how all the pieces of your project fit together on Timeline, so you can keep work on track—even as plans change.

Asana Calendar

Spot holes and overlaps in your schedule, and quickly make adjustments by viewing work on a calendar.

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Don’t just track to-dos, report on work across your company

In Basecamp, you can’t report on your work. With Asana, you can create reports on project data or other criteria that’s important to your team, so you can see how work is progressing towards your goals.

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Compared to Basecamp, which we also road-tested, Asana felt a little more polished and professional, perhaps better suited to a more traditional work environment.

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Connect your other tools, too

Make communication and collaboration even easier by integrating the other tools you’re already using with Asana.

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Move your work from Basecamp to Asana

Transfer your work from Basecamp to Asana with our CSV importer so you can get set up quickly and transition your team smoothly.

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Teams that want results trust Asana

Start managing your projects in Asana

Asana is easy enough for everyone to use, and has the power you need to run your entire business.