The state of collaboration technology

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Decoding digital overwhelm with research-driven strategies for streamlining tech tools and boosting productivity

In today’s hyper-connected world, navigating the flood of digital tools has become a pivotal challenge for businesses. The reality is startling: the average company juggles over 300 apps. This digital disarray bleeds into every aspect of your business, from strained budgets to fragmented attention.

The Work Innovation Lab, in partnership with AWS and leading researchers on technology and friction at work—Professor Bob Sutton (Stanford) and Professor Paul Leonardi (UCSB)—provides a roadmap for mastering this complexity.

The report includes research-backed insights on how to declutter and optimize your technology toolkit, including:

  1. Finding the Perfect Balance: Learn how limiting your tech stack to an ideal number of tools can supercharge productivity. We’ve identified the optimal tool count that marks the threshold between efficiency and overload.
  2. The Role of AI in Simplification: Explore how AI can streamline workflows, reduce redundant tools, and focus on high-value tasks, leading to a more productive and less exhausting work environment.
  3. The Collaboration Cleanse: Gain insights from our study conducted with Asana and Amazon employees, showcasing the impact of reducing digital clutter and fostering mindful tool usage.
  4. Strategies for a Smarter Tech Stack: Walk through a step-by-step guide to audit, optimize, and integrate your tech stack, reducing digital exhaustion and enhancing overall productivity.

It’s time to declutter, refocus, and revolutionize the way you work.

Get the report

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