State of AI at Work 2023

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Embracing the future of AI at work

AI is rapidly transforming our world, reshaping the very fabric of our workplaces and lives. This leaves leaders at a pivotal juncture—they need to harness AI’s transformative capabilities, while also managing its challenges and uncertainties. That’s why The Work Innovation Lab surveyed over 4,500 individual contributors, middle and senior managers, and executives in the U.S. and U.K.. We came away with actionable insights to help leaders navigate the changing landscape and get the most out of AI.

Empowering the workforce with AI

Whether it’s augmenting human intelligence or unlocking untapped potential, AI is a game-changer. But as our findings reveal, leaders need to take a careful approach. While many executives and certain departments are excited about AI, some employees are downright fearful. So while AI is an exceptionally powerful tool, leaders will need to thoughtfully plan adoption efforts to successfully leverage the new technology.

This report can help you navigate this new and uncertain landscape. Dig in to learn:

  • Tangible, actionable insights you can implement today to help your organization better understand and use AI.
  • Which departments are most excited about AI, and which might need some extra support.
  • How taking a human-centric approach to AI can transform fear into excitement.
  • How to choose the best AI tools to protect your data, enhance productivity, and future-proof your tech stack.

…and more.

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