How to design your hybrid work policy: A research-backed playbook

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What is hybrid work, anyway?

Employees can’t stop talking about it, leaders are always referencing it, and it’s blazing across media headlines seemingly every day—but do we even know what “hybrid work” means?

The short answer for many companies is, not really. And that’s understandable. After all, hybrid work quickly surged in popularity, and leaders scrambled to incorporate it as best they could. 

But as our new era of distributed work continues to evolve, companies are struggling to navigate the uncharted waters of hybrid work and find their footing—and, as a result, are clinging to policies that might no longer serve them.

A data-backed solution

So what’s the solution? When hybrid work first started, there wasn’t much existing data on what it was or how to best implement it. Now, there are years of information to pull from. Our team at The Work Innovation Lab in partnership with Jen Rhymer, Assistant Professor at University College London, analyzed and aggregated that data, alongside nine months of original research, to help company leadership develop and improve their hybrid work policies. 

In this playbook, you’ll learn how to define hybrid work, analyze your current policy, and ultimately, create and put into place the best hybrid work policy for your organization’s needs. 

Dig in for key takeaways like:

  • How to evaluate your current hybrid work policy, including understanding how it was designed and communicated (and why that matters)
  • The four pillars of a strong hybrid workplace policy (the aspects you need to define)
  • Data-backed ways to structure your policy with the latest research

…and more.

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