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Celebrating the best in work innovation

Celebrating the best in work innovation

The Work Innovation Awards will recognize the brightest minds and most forward-thinking teams driving what’s possible for the future of work within their organizations.

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Explore award categories

Celebrate the teams doing transformative work with Asana, connecting work to their missions, and setting new standards in efficiency, creativity, and productivity. Submit nominations for the following awards and head to the FAQ for criteria details.

Best in Class
Best in Class

The ultimate industry leader for innovation, our Best in Class winner uses Asana to set the new gold standard for workplace collaboration.

Groundbreaker Award (Image)
Groundbreaker Award

Groundbreakers embody the spirit of innovation by pushing the envelope of what’s possible in the digital workplace—with transformative results.

Social Impact Award (Image)
Social Impact Award

This organization uses Asana as a powerful lever for social good, magnifying their contributions to a better world.

Tech Visionary Award (Image)
Tech Visionary Award

These tech visionaries excel in uniting their tech ecosystems with Asana, creating connected digital workplaces.

Marketing Visionary Award (Image)
Marketing Visionary Award

These marketing visionaries use Asana as a strategic partner to drive innovative marketing initiatives that make tangible impact. 

Operational Excellence Award (Image)
Operational Excellence Award

These operations visionaries demonstrate management excellence with Asana, achieving business agility at scale.

How we’re evaluating nominations

Nominations will be evaluated on two crucial components: the stories and achievements you share in your application and the Work Innovation Score we generate for you.

The Work Innovation Score is an AI-powered benchmark that assesses how innovative your company is compared to industry peers. With the score as a key evaluation metric, the most innovative customer stories will be determined by the panel of leading experts that comprise the Work Innovation Awards Judging Committee.

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Dates to remember

May 1

Nominations open

July 12

Nominations close

August 9

Winners are notified

October 22

Winners are announced at the Work Innovation Summit in NYC