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Asana is the easiest way for teams to track their work—and get results.

What is work tracking?

Work tracking helps teams know who’s doing what, by when, and why. With a work tracking tool, teams can track anything by breaking down goals and ideas into actionable tasks, assigning work to teammates, and communicating to move projects forward. By making plans, responsibilities, and deadlines clear, work tracking empowers teams to deliver great results.

  • ClassPass

    “With Asana, we’re able to keep track of each piece of work, in one place.”

    — Sarah Wormser

  • Birchbox

    “Asana gave us a way to increase ownership and, by extension, drive better results.”

    — Bene Cipolla, Director of Editorial Operations, Birchbox

  • MailChimp

    “Asana has helped us move important work forward from writing, to review, to publication.”

    — Matthew Conley

  • Uber

    “Asana allows me to simultaneously manage teams across multiple markets so I’m able to ensure all of my projects are on track.”

    — Christopher Ballard, General Manager - San Diego at Uber

How does work tracking fit into your team’s workflow?

Work tracking tools fit in with other tools your team uses by keeping all your files and communications in one place as work progresses—without the endless email chains and constant update meetings.


File systems let you create, store, and share files and documents with your team.

Work tracking

Work tracking systems work with Files and Messaging to let you know who’s doing what by when.


Messaging apps facilitate communication with your team. This can happen in real time or asynchronously.

Track your work with Asana

Plan projects, collaborate with teammates, and easily stay on top of your team’s progress.

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Features for work tracking

Built for your projects, workflows, goals, team.


Easily create tasks for yourself or assign one to a teammate.


Organize your tasks into shared projects for your initiatives, meetings, and programs.

due dates and times

Due dates ensure every task gets completed on time.


Check progress on all the projects you care about in one customizable view.

custom fields

Add fields to any project and track exactly what matters most to your organization (premium feature).


Only get updates for the work you care about by following (or unfollowing) tasks and projects.

task dependencies

Mark tasks as waiting on others, and get notified when you can get started (premium feature).

team pages

Have Conversations and see all of a team’s projects in one place.

board and list views

See tasks in a Boards or Lists and get a clear view of what work needs to be done.

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Asana is simple enough for your entire team. And, when work gets complicated, Asana has the features you need to move the project forward.

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