Overcoming Disruption in a Distributed World

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How Asana's CMO does annual planning

Asana recently launched The Anatomy of Work Index 2021, which surveyed over 13,000 knowledge workers from around the world. The report uncovers how work changed—like how 1 in 4 deadlines were missed in 2020, yet 87% of employees reported working late—and ways to make 2021 a more productive and effective year for teams.

Hear from Dr. Sahar Yousef, Cognitive Neuroscientist at University of California, Berkeley, who helped generate the insights in our report. Dr. Yousef, who runs the Becoming Superhuman Lab, digs into the challenges of distributed work and share solutions for organizations, including:

  • Preventing burnout and how leaders can proactively improve team engagement and morale.
  • The myth of multitasking and how to reclaim deep focus.
  • The rise of imposter syndrome among workers and the need for explicit recognition and measurable progress in a remote world.