Collaboration and the new future of work in Europe with Asana & IDC

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Collaboration and the new future of work with Oru Mohiuddin and Simon O’Kane

In the past few months, much of the world shifted to remote work overnight, causing adoption of collaboration tools to accelerate dramatically. In a recent European study on enterprise IT spending by IDC, respondents ranked investing in team collaboration solutions as one of the top 5 priorities within technology spending. In another survey, IDC found that 58.5% of organisations believed that working from home will permanently change and will be included in HR policy moving forward.

Watch this webinar to hear from guest speaker, Oru Mohiuddin, Research Manager, European Enterprise Communications and Collaboration, at IDC. Oru talks about the current state of distributed collaboration and what the future holds as organisations adapt to the next normal. The presentation is followed by a Q&A moderated by Simon O’Kane, General Manager, EMEA at Asana.

Hear Oru and Simon share UK insights and discuss:

  • How work management tools are delivering organizations the flexibility and security they need in a distributed environment.
  • How to accelerate adoption, from an integrated tech stack to building a culture of collaboration.
  • How the office of tomorrow is here today—and ways to set up distributed teams for success.