Discover the true value of a Work Management Platform: insights from Asana and Vodafone

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Insights from Asana and Vodafone

Whether through the processes and culture teams build together, or the steps they take as organisations to tackle global challenges, workplaces are continuously evolving.

Work Management Platforms, like Asana, can address this gap. Work Management Platforms—which empower teams to orchestrate their workflows—help teams to increase productivity, improve transparency and maximise employee engagement.

Watch this webinar to hear from Asana’s Head of Regional Marketing, Jessica Gilmartin, and Vodafone’s, Darragh Cresham for a conversation on the true value of using a Work Management Platform such as Asana.

They share:

  • Insights into the true value of implementing a Work Management Platform
  • Key Findings from Asana’s ROI of Work Management Report
  • Exclusive insight into how Vodafone managed work across their EMEA operations using Asana