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The Anatomy of Work Global Index

It’s no longer a question of where you collaborate, but how. We surveyed 9,615 global knowledge workers to learn what’s working—and what's not—across businesses today. Discover key trends, then explore all the findings in the full report.

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Invest in the power of collaboration

Strong collaboration is more than an ideal—it’s a revenue-generating necessity for the modern workplace.

55% of workers at collaborative organizations report more revenue growth

55% of workers at collaborative organizations report revenue growth over the past three years —almost double weak collaborators.

Stay agile in the face of challenges

Organizations designed for effective collaboration can pivot and prioritize to get more (and better) work done.

graph showing 79% leading competitors of 20%

79% of workers at collaborative organizations feel well-prepared to adapt to emergent business challenges—four times higher than weak collaborators.

Make smart decisions faster

The higher up the corporate ladder one goes, the more collaborative work becomes—and the more problematic collaboration overload is for leaders. 

Leadership has the most to gain when it comes to velocity and focus


Hours lost per week to unnecessary meetings


Apps used per day


Percent of the workday lost to repetitive, mundane tasks

Understand the state of collaboration today—and the power it holds for your business. Discover key trends in the 2023 Anatomy of Work Global Index.

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How are your people spending their time? Because you are paying them to invest their time in serving your customers and supporting your company, not sitting in meetings with no agenda.

Carson Tate

Founder and managing partner at Working Simply

Build a resilient workforce

When people are connected, they’re more likely to stay in their roles—enabling businesses to retain and attract top talent.

A graph signifying 92%, leading 50% of competitor performance

Almost all workers at collaborative organizations say their work has value—versus just 50% of weak collaborators.

Unlock every objective

When teams have clear goals that ladder up and across departments and hemispheres, their combined skillsets enable them to better support customers.

graph showing 87%, leading competitor performance of 37%

87% of workers at companies with clear, connected goals say their organization is well-prepared to meet customer expectations—more than double those without.

Embrace strategic collaboration

Discover the full power of collaboration in the 2023 Anatomy of Work Global Index. Featuring key data and insights that highlight how collaborative organizations are growing in a volatile world.