Anatomy of Work: Remote Teams Survey

See how remote employees from around the world have adapted to working from home.

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This year, an unprecedented global event fundamentally changed the way we work: governments and businesses around the world instituted mandatory remote work protocols nearly overnight. The dramatic, rapid shift has accelerated digital transformations as teams now grapple with navigating the transition from remote to distributed teams, many for the first time. At a time when clarity, empathy, and human connection are more important than ever, leaders need to understand how these new worldwide macro trends affect people on a personal level. To do so, we conducted a survey to evaluate the behaviors and attitudes of 5,140 full-time employees currently working from home. Download our brand new report, Anatomy of Work: Remote Teams Survey, to learn more about:

  • How nearly two-thirds (62%) of full-time knowledge workers have increased their use of collaboration tools since working from home

  • How different regions of the world are responding to remote work

  • How collaboration is the key to keeping teams connected on the work that matters most, no matter where they’re located

As we transition back to business and adapt to the new world of work, businesses can take these learnings and apply them to a future where distributed teams thrive.

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