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Germany Spotlight: The Anatomy of Work Global Index 2023

We surveyed 9,615 knowledge workers worldwide and 1,800 in Germany to uncover what’s working—and what’s not—in today’s businesses.

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Work is changing quickly, and companies with strong collaboration will lead the charge. Teamwork across departments and functions is critical—so teams can join forces, pivot quickly, and move faster than their competition. 

In this special report, we explore the unique challenges facing German businesses, with data and insights to unlock collaboration at your company. 

Work together, earn together

Three key points surfaced again and again—not just in Germany, but also across industries and continents. 

  • Cross-team collaboration helps companies weather storms: Teams with strong collaboration can solve problems quickly, without wasting time figuring out who’s responsible for what. This link was clear in Germany, with 83% of workers at collaborative organizations feeling well-prepared to respond to business challenges.

  • Clear company and individual goals help fuel collaboration: Goals give employees shared targets to aim for, so everyone is in the loop on expectations and priorities. In Germany, 85% of workers at collaborative organizations said they have clear goals for their role.

  • Optimized processes—not more meetings—can help businesses collaborate smarter. German knowledge workers estimate that they lose 2.4 hours per week to unnecessary meetings, and could save 4.1 hours per week if they had improved processes. That means leaders who prioritize efficient teamwork can make time for employees, and themselves, to focus on mission-critical tasks. 

Turn data into action

Collaboration best practices, supported by the right technology and process decisions, can help a company reach its goals, grow revenue, weather storms, and meet customer needs. Download this report to learn how. 

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