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AI is no longer a tool, it's a teammate

The #1 AI work management platform.

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Introducing Asana AI teammates

Tackle complex workflows and elevate teamwork.

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Teammates that advise

Get intelligent insights across teams and tools on where to focus.

Teammates that take action

Automate tasks and orchestrate complex workflows at scale.

Teammates that adapt

Collaborate with AI that adapts to your changing needs and priorities.


Infinitely adaptable AI teammates

From strategic planning and coordinating product launches to managing team resources and more, Asana AI is here to help.

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  • Increase campaign ROI
  • Speed up planning cycles
  • Simplify project intake
  • Optimize resource allocation
  • Drive product launches
  • Align work to goals
  • Accelerate employee onboarding
  • Streamline creative processes

Chat with your AI teammate

AI that can answer questions, take action, and help you across all of your work.

Product UI showing Asana AI teammate functionality providing related tasks to provide context for a new ask they've been tagged into

Get timely answers

Ask questions on any work in Asana to get insights, identify challenges, and set next steps.

Product UI showing Asana AI teammate functionality scanning a task and recommending who the task should be assigned to

Offload busywork

AI can take work off your plate by creating tasks, assigning out work, suggesting edits, and more.

Product UI showing Asana AI teammate functionality responding to the user inputed question "How do I multi-home a task?" with relevant related help articles

Request in-product help

Onboard onto Asana faster with in-product help and expert tips.

Experience the full power of Asana AI today

Drive clarity and accountability

Smart status

Get status updates faster with AI pulling from real-time data to identify risks, roadblocks, and open questions.

Smart goals

Draft more effective goals and standardize them across your organization with the help of AI.

Smart charts

AI visualizes data for you with automatic charts, so everyone can see how work is progressing.

Product UI showing Asana AI generating a status report for an existing project

Maximize impact

Smart summaries

Get a quick summary of the latest progress so you can keep up-to-date on work without another meeting.

Smart rules

Create rules automatically by providing simple, natural language instructions via prompts.

Smart editor

Write clearer, more compelling responses that strike the right tone and improve your formatting.

Product UI showing Asana AI providing recommendations for creating a rule in a project based on the prompt "When a new high priority task is created, notify me in Microsoft Teams."

Scale with confidence

Smart fields

Organize projects and support collaboration with auto-generated custom fields.

Smart projects

Tell AI about your next project and it will build one for you with the right structure.

Smart onboarding

Help new hires get up to speed on the right projects, teams, and goals so they can drive immediate impact.

Product UI showing Asana AI creating a new project based on the prompt "The purpose of this project is to plan and execute our next marketing campaign"

Transparent, connected, and secure

Our commitment to safety, transparency, and AI you can trust.

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  • Our AI partners do not use your data to train their models
  • Our AI partners are required to delete customer data after each query
Asana’s guiding principles for human-centered AI

Learn how we're empowering teams to work together more effectively and efficiently.

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98% of Asana’s top 500 customers are using Asana AI¹

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From what I've seen with AI workflows, what the efficiencies are, my mind is blown.

Jennifer Kordosky

VP, Creative & Marketing Operations at Clear Channel Outdoor

The ability to surface insights across applications with Asana AI will revolutionize how we launch products and campaigns.

Adam Kite

VP of Brand, Content, & Marketing Operations at Relex

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Tackle complex workflows and elevate teamwork.

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