AI that works. Coming June 5, Asana redefines work management—again.Get early access

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AI has joined the team to help executives, departments, and entire organizations work smarter.

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AI that works. Coming June 5, Asana redefines work management—again.

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Drive clarity and accountability

Take the guesswork out of strategic planning and hit business-critical goals

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Maximize impact

Boost everyone's productivity by using AI to create and improve workflows

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Scale with confidence

Unify teams, tools, and work data with security and reliability


Set and hit business-critical goals with confidence

Asana product UI showing AI drafting a project status update

Smart status

Create status updates faster on goals, portfolios, and projects, with AI pulling from real-time work data to identify risks, roadblocks, and open questions.

Asana product UI showing Asana Intelligence answering the prompt "What challenges could prevent us from hitting this goal?"

Smart answers

Ask Asana questions about your tasks and projects to get timely insights, identify challenges, and determine next steps.

Coming soon to goals and portfolios.

Asana product UI showing Asana Intelligence creating a recommended goal based on existing company goals, documentation, and staffing allocations

Smart goals

Write down more effective goals and standardize them across your organization. With the help of AI, get suggested tips to draft goals based on best practices.

Asana product UI showing Asana Intelligence creating a reporting chart based on the prompt "Show me the status of all my team's projects in Q1"

Smart reporting

Make it easy for everyone to see and understand how work is progressing. Tell AI what data you want to visualize and get help creating charts automatically.

IT professionals using Asana are 57% more likely to be confident their organization is prepared for AI¹

Discover the challenges and opportunities facing today's IT leaders-and what sets apart high-performing ones.

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Build workflows faster and boost productivity

Asana product UI showing Asana Intelligence creating a workflow rule based on the prompt "When a new high priority tasks is created, notify me in Microsoft Teams."

Smart workflows

Give AI a few simple instructions and it will build workflows optimized to match specific goals and best practices.

Asana product UI showing Asana Intelligence creating a status update summary for a "Fall '24 Marketing Creative" project

Smart digests

Get a short summary of what's happened in a project during a specific time frame, so you can get up to speed on any notable changes.

Asana product UI showing Asana Intelligence creating "Review launch goals" and "Draft new copy" subtasks based on the parent task description "Let's make sure we take a look at our launch goals and get started on the first draft of copy."

Smart summaries

Review action items and highlights from tasks and comments without another meeting. You can also summarize tasks instantly in Slack.

Asana product UI showing an Asana Intelligence feature by which a user can modify a response typed into Asana by tone and length of content.

Smart editor

Write clearer, more compelling responses that strike the right tone and improve your formatting.

Asana is committed to AI safety and transparency

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Our AI partners do not use your data to train their models.

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Our AI partners are required to delete customer data after each query.


Scale work easily with trusted security and reliability

Asana product UI showing Asana Intelligence offering suggested goals, teams, and projects a new hire should be joining based on their role.

Smart onboarding

Help new hires get up to speed on the right projects, teams, and goals so they can drive immediate impact.

Asan product UI showing Asana Intelligence generating custom fields for a "Marketing ops tracking" project.

Smart fields

Organize projects to support collaboration with auto-generated custom fields.

Asana product UI showing a Asana Intelligence answering the user generated question "How do I multi-home a subtask".

Smart help

Get in-product help and expert tips on using Asana.

Asana product UI showing Asana Intelligence creating a new "Marketing launch campaign" project based on the prompt "The purpose of this project is to plan and execute our next marketing campaign".

Smart projects

Tell AI about your next project and it will build one with the right structure for you.

Asana’s guiding principles for human-centered AI

Learn how we're empowering teams to work together more effectively and efficiently.

Read our AI Principles
AI features powered by the most complete and connected map of your organization's work data - the Asana Work Graph®

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Project and task management

Track work from start to finish so every team knows exactly what to do to hit their goals.

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Goals and reporting

Connect daily work to company-wide objectives, and track progress in real time.

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Workflow automation

Create processes that run themselves, so teams can focus on the next big thing.

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Admin and security

Scale with confidence and keep your company’s work safe.

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AI that works. Coming June 5, Asana redefines work management—again. Sign up to get early access.

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