University Engineering Interview Guide

We’re excited to have you come in and interview with us at Asana!

While interviewing, you’ll meet your future teammates, learn more about Asana and our culture, and be given the opportunity to showcase the best of your abilities. We want you to feel comfortable throughout our interview process to give you the best chance of showing your strengths. To help with that, we wrote an Interview Guide to give you expectations about the structure and content of our interviews. We've also put together this list of qualities we look for specifically in university candidates interviewing with us. We hope these materials are helpful!

Please let us know if you have any questions. Also, please let us know if you have suggestions about how to interview you: In what areas do you excel? Are there any additional resources or accommodations you might need?

Qualities We Look For

Engineering talent

If you blow us away with raw engineering skills and ability, we find that very exciting!

We also consider “distance traveled” - how well you do given your background. If, for example, you recently switched majors or just started coding but can answer questions similarly to someone who’s been coding for a few years, we take that as a very good sign.


This encompasses things like your communication skills, your ability to synthesize new information quickly, and your overall approach to feedback.

We also like to see that your ability to be coached complements your engineering talent. That is, being coachable can make up for having less experience than other candidates.

We’ve all got room to grow. Regardless of the skills you already have, we care a lot about the ability to respond to feedback, so pay careful attention to how you’re able to fix issues you identify.

Energy, drive, entrepreneurial attitude

We’re really proud of how much we trust our interns to do work embedded inside teams of full-time employees. To best use that opportunity, we look for interns that are excited by big pieces of work and making things happen.

Alignment with our mission

We like to see that you’re excited about the product or the space we occupy.

We also like to see that you’re passionate about the technology space we’re in, whether you’re really excited about the technologies we already use or have opinions about them.