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keep your team on the same page

Keep your team on the same page

With Asana, anyone can see who is doing what, where work stands, and how it all maps back to your goals.

increase team efficiency

Increase your team’s efficiency by 45%

Teams report they get more done with less time and resources when using Asana because its powerful features help them execute work successfully.


Business value of Asana

IDC research shows Asana speeds up business processes and boosts productivity¹

Customers of Asana report increased employee satisfaction

Increased employee satisfaction

Asana users report faster execution

Faster execution

Asana users report increased on-time project completion

Increased on-time project completion

34% less time on admin tasks

Decreased time on admin tasks

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  1. IDC White Paper, Sponsored by Asana, The Business Value of the Asana Platform, Doc. #US50642023, June 2023