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Miro + Asana

Connect Miro and Asana to visualize your tasks on a collaborative whiteboard and embed live boards within your projects.

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What is Miro?

Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables distributed teams to work together effectively. Miro is perfect for team brainstorming and mindmapping, facilitating agile ceremonies, running design reviews and sprints, and creating a central visual hub for projects. With over 12 million users, Miro is trusted by top global companies of all sizes, including 95% of the 2020 Fortune 100.

Why use Miro with Asana?

Miro is the perfect complement to Asana, creating the space to capture your team’s unstructured thinking, visualize and interact with tasks, and provide context to your work.

When running team brainstorms, planning sessions, or journey mapping exercises, you can embed Asana tasks on the whiteboard canvas to discuss, prioritize, and map them to other objects on the board in real-time. Once your meeting has ended you can embed your live board within Asana, where it is accessible to stakeholders and easy to edit or leave feedback at any time. The seamless connection between the two keeps everyone aligned throughout the project with an easy way to visualize the journey from concept to launch.

Key features:

Embed Miro boards in Asana Project Briefs

  • Embed Miro boards within Asana with the ability to give view, comment, or editing permissions to others.
  • Interact with content on the board, including adding comments, text, shapes, or using the drawing tool to leave feedback.
  • Easily zoom in and out to see as much of the board as you want.

Embed Asana tasks in Miro boards (requires Miro Team Plan or higher)

  • Embed Asana tasks in Miro boards so each task displays Title, Description, Date, Status, and Assignee.
  • Find specific tasks to import directly from Miro using Asana filters or searching by the task name.
  • Auto sync: all the changes made in Asana tasks are automatically shown in Asana Cards in Miro.

Get Miro + Asana

To embed Miro within Asana Project Briefs

  1. Open the Miro board you’d like to embed. Click the share button on the top right.
  2. Click Copy Board Link in the dialog that appears.
  3. In Asana, open the project where you’d like to embed your board.
  4. Go to the overview tab.
  5. In the Key Resources section, click Create a Project Brief. If there’s already a Project Brief, click anywhere on the title.
  6. When the Brief opens, click Edit on the top right.
  7. Click the place in the Brief you’d like to embed.
  8. Paste in the URL and a preview of the board will expand below it. Click the preview to load the board.
  9. Alternatively, click the + icon at the left side of the line you’re on and choose Insert Media. Paste the board link URL into the box and click Embed link.

To embed Asana tasks into Miro (requires Miro Team Plan or higher)

  1. Install the Asana app from the Miro Marketplace.
  2. Select the team in which you’d like to install Asana cards.
  3. Authorize the connection between Asana and Miro in your Miro Team Settings.
  4. Once installed at the Team level, any user that wants to import Asana tasks will need to authorize Miro to access them.
  5. Detailed information about installation can be found in our Knowledge Base article.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using the Miro Asana integration, visit the Miro guide or contact us via the form

This app integration is built by a third-party developer. Asana does not warrant, endorse, guarantee, or assume responsibility for this integration. Contact the app developer for details and support.

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