Our Mission

We do things together by aligning our energy towards a common goal, breaking the effort into parts, then marching towards the goal as one. But too often, the friction of coordination, of communicating the right amount of information, to the right people, at the right time, in the right place, gets in the way. This friction lowers our collective productivity - which worsens with the complexity of projects we undertake.

Asana’s mission is to help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly. We've re-imagined how work gets done through a fast and versatile web application that connects everyone with what’s going on, their shared priorities, and who owns each part of the effort.

To take the next step in human productivity, we need a fresh start. We created Asana to help take that step; to improve the productivity of individuals and groups, to increase the potential output of every team's effort.

  1. Our Values

  2. Reason balanced with intuition
  3. Mindfulness
  4. Balance
  5. Honesty & transparency
  6. Willful intention without attachment to results
  7. Action in the face of fear
  8. Leverage
  9. Pragmatic craftsmanship
  10. Equanimity (Chillness)
  11. Being a mensch
  12. Company as collective of peers
  13. Investing in ourselves & each other
  14. Admitting when you’re wrong
  15. Fixing problems, even if they’re not yours
  16. Trust wisdom over rules & incentives