Cross-functional work is critical to achieving your most important goals. With templates, you can better coordinate and execute cross-team planning for the work that matters most. Create custom templates in Asana and connect teams faster than ever.
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Asana solves the problem of many tools—it’s like spreadsheets, chat, your calendar, and your inbox all rolled into one. The more you consolidate into one tool, the better your life will be.”
Dustin FinkleMarketing Program Manager, Senior Director, New Relic

Build trust across teams

By improving visibility across teams, you can build thriving, confident teams that know how work happens. When teams are plugged in, they can trust one another to get that work done.

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Unlock the power of Asana with integrations

Connect your existing tech stack using the power of Asana’s 200+ integrations.

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Simplify cross-team collaboration

Create customized cross-team collaboration templates and keep work connected across individuals, teams, and departments, company-wide.

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Cross-team planning templates

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