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What if your sprint plans actually matched the work your team was doing? Plan your next sprint like a pro with this template.

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[Вид доски] Проект планов спринтов в Asana

Manage Agile teams with our sprint planning template

Sprint planning helps product and engineering teams prioritize work and decide who has the capacity to take on certain projects. But without a clear way to track your scrum capacity planning, it’s hard to know if you’re scheduling the right work at the right time. To plan your most productive sprints, try this sprint planning template to better manage your Agile projects. With our sprint planning template you can:

  • Keep your sprint structured. Just having a list of to-do’s doesn’t help you understand if your sprint is on track. Use our sprint planning template in Asana Boards view, which displays your sprint project as a Kanban board. Group tasks by columns, like work stage. Then, simply drag and drop tasks to a new column as they move forward.

  • Add a clear owner and deadline to each task. Sprint capacity planning is all about figuring out who on the team can tackle certain work in a specific timeframe. To create the best sprint schedule, give each task an assignee and deadline to make responsibilities clear. When possible, clarify your sprint goal in the task or project as well.

  • Make important details easy to find. Set your sprint up for success by tracking all the details for each task with custom fields, like priority and cost. That way you can ensure your team is focused on the top priorities without getting overloaded.

  • Provide regular updates. Your Agile sprint plan in Asana helps every meeting—from kickoff to stand up to sprint review and sprint retrospective—run smoothly because everybody can find their work and quickly give a recap without searching around or forgetting something.

Sprint fundamentals you can plan with Asana

  • Agile sprint planning

  • Scrum sprint planning

  • Sprint planning

  • Sprint schedule

  • Scrum capacity planning

  • Sprint review

  • Sprint retrospective

New to sprint planning in Asana?

All of your questions, answered:

  • What is sprint planning? Sprint planning, sometimes called Agile sprint planning, is a way for teams to move quickly, build fast, and ship often. It’s a type of project management that’s often used by product or engineering teams, where the entire team will coordinate their work in one- or two-week sprints.

  • How do you do sprint planning in Scrum? Sprint planning is a part of the Scrum framework, where a team works on a specific bucket of work during a set time period. Typically, the work being done in a sprint is started and accomplished during the timeframe of the sprint. Sprint planning, then, is the process of preparing for and tracking the work being done during the sprint. It goes hand-in-hand with sprint retrospectives after the sprint is over.

  • How do you make sprint planning fun? Sprint planning becomes stressful—instead of fun—when Agile teams are disorganized and struggle to find, track, and accomplish their work during a sprint. With a work management tool like Asana, you can easily track work through the stages of your sprint, so the details are easy to find, the team is always on the same page, and your tasks get accomplished.

Finally—a sprint planning tool that can keep up with your Agile team! Get started with our sprint planning template today, and hit every sprint goal.

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