Set your team up for success

Create a purposeful and productive work experience for all your employees by giving them the clarity they need to achieve their goals.

Asana helps you and your team...

Take ownership

Sharing long-term vision and goals inspires employees to work toward a common purpose and shows how they and their day-to-day tasks contribute to the big picture.

Foster accountability

Being clear about who’s doing what encourages employees to follow through and meet deadlines—because they know others depend on their work.

Build trust

Organizing goals and work in one place allows people to turn communication into action and fosters open, supportive relationships that improve collaboration.

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Company goals and milestones

Connect work to goals and milestones in one place so everyone knows what work is the most important and can see how it all ladders up.

Work requests

Centralize all work requests, standardize your fulfillment process, prioritize and assign work–all in one place–to help your team produce better work faster.

New employee onboarding

Make sure new employees feel welcome and have the critical info they need to be successful by creating a process for onboarding.

Meeting agendas

Keep your meetings on track and make sure everyone walks in knowing what to discuss and walks out knowing next steps with clear meeting agendas.

1-on-1 meetings

Stay focused on conversations that are meaningful to your employees and track action items to make sure you follow up.

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With Asana providing a clear trajectory for the work we do, we've become more disciplined in our decision making and have magnified the volume and velocity of our output. Our whole culture has become centered around clarity, timeliness, and speed. The difference has been remarkable.

Mark Arnoldy, Executive Director, Possible

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