Moving to Asana with MeUndies


Terry Lee

Terry is the Chief Operating Officer at MeUndies. He leads the company's day to day operations to insure execution of the brand's vision. Prior to MeUndies, Terry graduated from the University of Notre Dame and worked at Johnson & Johnson in their management rotational program that focused on business development, marketing, and in sales.

Michael Nguyen

Micahel is a Success Manager at Asana. He's an expert at large scale deployments and works hand in hand with Asana champions to find the right strategy for bringing teams onboard in Asana. Before coming to Asana, Michael worked in management consulting helping the enterprise transformations. He studied business and information systems at the University of Washington, has his master's in leadership development from Seattle University, and has recently been studying design and innovation at Stanford.

Goals for Asana

Terry and the MeUndies team set clear goals for implementing Asana:

  • Communicate efficiently
  • Have transparency across the organization

Best practices

  • Explain the current pain points to your team. For MeUndies, miscommunication and misaligned expectations were sources of frustration before they chose to use Asana.
  • Take small bites. MeUndies started using Asana with simple, cross-functional use cases.
  • "Stay the Course." Think of a Asana as a high effort, high impact tool. Terry approaches Asana from a long term perspective.
  • Empower everyone on your team to create tasks. Implement use cases that require individual contributors and managers to create their own tasks, assign them, and set their own due dates. The more people that fully use Asana, the stronger and more powerful it becomes.
  • Continuously train new and existing team members. When Terry notices a team member that is a little behind on updating due dates or completing task in Asana he schedules a one-on-one training to share best practices and address their concerns.


Meeting agenda

MeUndies' started by using Asana for their company wide Monday morning meetings. Terry encouraged everyone to add their discussion topics. This was a great way for people to get in the habit of creating tasks – adding additional notes or attachments related to their discussion topic, assigning the task to themselves, and then adding a due date. Monday meetings became a way to create early Asana on a very basic level.

Learn how to build the perfect meeting agenda project here.

One-on-one meetings

MeUndies empowered managers to run their one-on-ones using Asana. This encouraged both individual contributors and managers to get a handle on the basics of using Asana by adding tasks in their one-on-one project when they had a concern to address or a company objective to review.

Learn more about one-on-one projects with Asana.

Design of the Month

As Terry and team expanded their use of Asana at MeUndies, they began tracking their entire "Design of the Month" campaign workflow in Asana. In the past, they would cut their launch date dangerously close with a “just in time” delivery. By mapping out clear due dates and by assigning each task to a single responsible individual in Asana, the MeUndies team now consistently has everything ready for their "Design of the Month" two weeks before the launch date.

Track your marketing campaigns with Asana today.

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