Campaign management

Marketing campaign management takes a lot of planning and collaboration across a team. Instead of constantly asking for status updates across chat, email, or in docs, you can use Asana to keep everyone on the same page—even as your team creates content for multiple channels or works cross-functionally. Asana lets you keep track of next steps, who’s responsible for them, and when they’ll be done. And your team can communicate right alongside the work, so everyone stays up to date on progress and knows what work needs to get done next.

Setting up your campaign management project

  1. Create a project and use a descriptive name like “Fall Brand Awareness Campaign.” In the project descriptionproject description The project description is a place to provide teammates with the goals and overview of a project. Read more you can list the goals, audience, and channels for the campaign.
  2. Navigate to Progress ViewProgress View Progress View helps you track task completion in a project over time and get status updates from Project Owners. Read more under the project header and set the due date for the project as the day you plan to launch your campaign.
  3. From List ViewList View Displays your tasks in a list. List view is the default view for My Tasks, projects, and search views. Read more , add sectionssection Sections let teams organize your task lists. Divide projects or My Tasks list based on category, workflow stage, or priority. Read more to organize your project by timeframe. Just type a colon at the end of a task name.
  4. Add custom fields to the project by clicking the project actions drop-down next to the project header, and then Manage Custom Fields. You can use custom fields to track information about the campaign tasks, like channel, work stage, content type, if it’s an agency asset, etc.
  5. Add project members to the project by clicking the + button in the top right corner in the project header. Invite guests from agencies by clicking the orange + button in the . Inviting a guest to a project gives them access to the entire project, but nothing else in your Organization.

Manage marketing campaigns smoothly in Asana

Visualize your work


Visualize deadlines at a glance with the calendar. Drag tasks between dates in the calendar to quickly change the due date.


As your work progresses, share status updates to keep your team up to speed. Set the status to green, yellow, or red, to let stakeholders know if there are any major risks to the project. The progress chart shows how many tasks have been completed and how many are left, relative to the project deadline.


See all the files attached to any task in the project. See all the creative for a campaign as images and files are attached to tasks.

Do more with your campaign

Use project conversations

Brainstorm or check in with your team with project conversations. Find out who’s blocked, brainstorm ideas as a group, and turn tasks into conversations when an idea becomes actionable.

Brand Awareness Campaign project conversation

Add tasks to multiple projects

Tasks can live in multiple projects. For example, an email blast task could be in your campaign project and in an email marketing calendar project.


Add your campaign project to your Dashboard to follow its progress along with other projects.

Copy projects

Create a project that you can copy for every new campaign. As your team learns from each one, update the template campaign project as needed. From the project actions menu dropdown, select Copy Project and which fields you’d like to duplicate. Voila!

Campaign management in Asana helps your team stay on track, identify blockers quickly, and get great results.

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