Don’t let leads fall through the cracks. Use Asana’s templates to standardize—and improve—how teams manage customer relationships.

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We want to go deep with our clients while maintaining a unified, consistent approach. Asana helps us do that. We connect it to Zendesk, Zoom, Slack, and our own platform, making Asana the source of truth we can count on to get stuff done and bring us together across teams."

Kevin Weiss

Vp Of Client Success, Retail Media, Skai

Be consistent with customers

Track sales pipeline in one place. When teams know the status of each lead, they can communicate appropriately with each key account.

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Centralize CRM information in one place

Keep track of conversations, even when they happen on different tools. With 200+ app integrations, you can build customized workflows that capture sales updates, customer data, and more.

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Standardize your CRM strategy

Make sure customers get what they need at each stage of the sales funnel. See how Asana’s templates can help your team establish a consistent, unified CRM process.

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CRM templates

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