Streamline key processes with custom-built templates. Make all of your nonprofit workflows crystal clear—so teams can spend less time on back-and-forth, and more time improving our world.

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With Asana, people aren't as lost anymore. They don’t need to ask, ‘Is this happening on Tuesday?’ If plans change quickly, the team is aware and it’s clearly documented. You don't have to wait until a meeting, a chat. You see everything in one place."
Thea SkaffSenior Manager, Global Fundraising Campaigns, Wikimedia Foundation

Centralize information—and hit your goals

Track your initiatives in one place, so everyone knows what’s next. With a single source of truth, team members can find what they need quickly.

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Track information across tools

Keep tabs on mission-critical details, even when you work across different tools. With 200+ app integrations, you can create customized workflows to fit your team’s specific needs.

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Stay focused on your mission

Don’t let inefficiencies drag you down. See how Asana’s templates can help optimize business processes, so you can save resources for the work that matters.

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