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User research template

Don’t let valuable user research insights fall to the wayside. Track, sort, and action feedback to delight your customers with our template.

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Шаблоны планов проектов — шаблон для исследования пользовательского поведения

Usability testing sessions are critical in helping teams understand their audience, and build products and design solutions that truly help them. But without a clear and consistent template to store questions, share insights, and assign action items, sessions don’t have the impact they should.

Hit the mark for your end users and action the insights to create better solutions with this user research template. Here are tips to make the most of our usability testing session agenda template:

  • Make it easy for everyone to follow. Make your agenda easy for testing subjects to follow and ensure your own team stays on track by creating the agenda beforehand.

  • Ensure consistency. Keep each research session consistent by utilizing the same template each time, so you can get signal on key questions.

  • Action and track insights. After completing your session, make sure you have a place to follow up on action items. By tracking, prioritizing, and sharing insights in Asana, you can assign actionable work and see trends over time so research sessions have maximum impact.

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