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Organize the details of your construction company—coordinate deliveries, manage employees, and oversee project planning all from one place. Build a better business with Asana templates.

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Asana makes it so easy to keep track of every detail without adding complexity. We use it to manage invoices and make sure there aren’t inconsistencies. We can submit reports and expenses on time every month knowing there aren’t mistakes.”
Tania BorosHead of Operations, Morning Coworking

Keep it simple

In Asana, you can organize tasks however you want. Prefer a to-do list? There’s a template for that. Need more complex project planning? That’s here too. Create a custom template that works for you, and simplify the way you work.

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Work from anywhere

In construction, you’re often on the go. Asana’s mobile app works with 260+ integrations, so you have all the tools you need to do your best work at your fingertips.

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Success starts with organization

Create templates in Asana that organize construction, from planning builds to property management—and everything in between.

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City of Providence recruiting pipeline template banner image

City of Providence recruiting pipeline template

Use this template from the City of Providence to track job candidates through your recruiting pipeline—from resume screens to employee onboarding.

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Stride client account management template banner image

Stride client account management template

See how Stride optimizes account management, and use their template to centralize info, track action items, and maintain customer relationships.

Operational plan template banner image

Operational plan template

Learn how Asana’s operations team uses standardized processes to streamline strategic planning—no matter how many stakeholders are involved.

Knowledge management template banner image

Knowledge management

Create a knowledge management template and ensure that every team member prioritizes and organizes information the same way.

Program roadmap template banner image

Program roadmap

Create a program roadmap template and know the exact structure of each program, how they operate, and their future plans—company-wide.

Annual planning template banner image

Annual planning template

Set clear goals and streamline your planning process—so every level of your company is aligned on what’s important.

IT program management template banner image

IT program management template

With the changing digital landscape, IT teams are in high demand. Learn how Asana’s IT team uses standardized processes to maximize efficiency.

Strategic planning template article banner image

Strategic planning template

When you’re launching a new product, team, or even a new business, strategic planning templates keep you laser-focused and on task.

Kanban board template article banner image

Kanban board

Visualize your workflow with a Kanban board template. Quickly see the stage and progress of each task, so your team knows exactly what’s on track—and what needs attention.

Project tracker template banner image

Project tracker template

Learn how to create a project tracker template, because it’s easier to coordinate projects across teams when everyone in the company tracks them the same way.

Punch list template banner image

Punch list

Creating a digital punch list template can help streamline the final bits of a project for your team. Here’s how to create one.

Construction project plan template banner image

Construction project plan template

When you’re building something from the ground up, there’s a lot to consider. Create a template to keep construction projects organized and on track.